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Brake Drum Inspection

Regular inspections of brake drums are crucial to ensure safe and effective braking systems in trailers. This maintenance practice applies to both electric and hydraulic brakes. Specifically, it's essential to inspect the inside diameter of the brake drums where the brake shoes make contact, as wear in this area can significantly impact braking performance. Additionally, when dealing with electric brakes, thorough scrutiny of the armature face is necessary to identify any signs of wear or damage that might affect the functionality of the brake system. Therefore, a comprehensive examination of brake drums is vital to maintain optimal braking performance and safety in trailers.

Seal Inspection

Thorough inspection of the seal is a critical aspect of trailer maintenance, and it should be carried out with precision whenever the trailer hub or brake drum is removed from the axle. Furthermore, as part of the routine maintenance schedule, specific intervals should be followed to ensure the seal's integrity. During the inspection process, it is imperative to closely examine the seal lip for any visible indications of abrasions or tears. These inspections serve the dual purpose of confirming the seal's immediate condition when components are disassembled and adhering to a proactive maintenance schedule that helps identify potential issues before they escalate into more significant problems. Thus, contributing to the overall safety and longevity of the trailer.

Bearing Inspection

It is essential to conduct thorough inspections of the bearings when the trailer hub or brake drum is removed from the axle. Not only that, but it is also crucial to adhere to a predetermined maintenance schedule, as it designates specific intervals for comprehensive bearing checks. During these assessments, particular attention should be directed towards the bearing cups that are pressed into the trailer hub, as they play a pivotal role in the bearing's functionality. Ensuring that these components are meticulously examined for any signs of wear or damage is vital to maintaining the trailer's safety and performance. By incorporating both immediate inspections during disassembly and regular interval-based checks, you can effectively extend the service life of your trailer's bearing system.

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Since 1946, our mission, here at ReliaBull Trailer Products, is to provide Custom Machining, Welding and Assembled Products to our customers with “Quality & Service”. From within every part of our company, we have the ability to provide a cost effective trailer product in a timely manner that successfully meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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